bumblebees are adorable

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i wanted to look at references of an actual bee not tRANSFORMERS

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I have a friend who doesn’t like Maya. No idea why.

other things about lucou and why you should fund it:

  • asexual protagonist
  • female protagonist
  • literally the only male main character is the main antagonist (excluding spoiler-related characters)
  • really thought out mythology that explains a lot of the game but also has some spoilers
  • none of the female characters are sexualized
  • bees
  • it has hidden  bees
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Donate here!

Now to go over some stuff.

What is Lucou?

Lucou is an action adventure game where you play as Aime (the girl in the photo there) fighting her way home from the Wilds after she is sent there to die because she is supposedly a reincarnation of the powerful demon Lucou.

But why was Aime banished?

As you can see, her eyes are completely shades of blue, unlike most normal people in the game. The town’s leader (and the game’s main antagonist) Reverend sees her unusual eyes and immediately sends her into the wilds of Mt. Genesis to die, hopefully killing the “demon” within her as well.

Where’s her feet?

That’s the game’s art style. She does actually have feet. They’re just small.

What systems will this be on?

It’s planned to be released for PC and Mac, however if more money is raised, other ports will be developed, such as iOS, Android, and Xbox.

What game engine is this being made with?

Lucou will be made in Unreal Engine 3.

What will the money be used for?

The funds for this game will be put towards several things, including a UE3 license, paying off developer fees for Steam and such, and hiring voice actors, composers, level designers, etc. A portion of the funds will be used to buy some of the rewards for donators.

The game is planned to be put up on Steam Greenlight after completion. If it does not get greenlit, it will remain available on IndieDB.

once in generations i tried to go through modern seaside hill with the shadow the hedgehog theme playing and it was the least fitting thing

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i’ve never heard of anybody that dislikes maya fey or ibuki mioda



the Ace Ace series

Acca Atta

i dont really like sonic unleashed but endless possibility is a great song

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